House rules of Dead Soldier

“All are welcome to dip their bill. Follow the house rules and everything will be jake. Break the rules and you’ll get the bum’s rush.”

-Please, Speak Easy. Respect the Laws of Prohibition.

-Keep It Classy and a Little Sassy.

-No Matter What – Always Make a Booking. We Always Pick Up the Phone.

-Please Be Patient When Waiting For Your Cocktail. We Do Pay Attention to Details so You Can Have a WOW Experience.

-Don’t Even Think of Asking For a Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Frozen Margarita or Any Other Blended Drink.

-You Are Responsible For the People You Invite to Join You. Make Sure They Know The Password.

-Avoid Profanities in Presence of the Ladies

-Leave your Attitude at the Door. Any Fighting Will Result in Being Permanently Banned.

-When the Barkeeper Says You’ve Had Enough, You Have!

As we all know,in Prohibition time the organized crime in America exploded because of bootlegging. Al Capone, the leader of the Chicago Outfit, made an estimated $60 million a year supplying illegal beer and hard liquor to thousands of speakeasies he controlled in the late 1920s.

Here’s the famous list of house rules that Al Capone used to post in his speakeasies: