House rules of Dead Soldier

“All are welcome to dip their bill.

Follow the house rules and everything will be jake. Break the rules and you’ll get the bum’s rush.”

-Please, Speak Easy. Respect the Laws of Prohibition.

-Keep It Classy and a Little Sassy.

-No Matter What – Always Make a Booking. We Always Pick Up the Phone.

-Please Be Patient When Waiting For Your Cocktail. We Do Pay Attention to Details so You Can Have a WOW Experience.

-Don’t Even Think of Asking For a Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Frozen Margarita or Any Other Blended Drink.

-You Are Responsible For the People You Invite to Join You. Make Sure They Know The Password.

-Avoid Profanities in Presence of the Ladies

-Leave your Attitude at the Door. Any Fighting Will Result in Being Permanently Banned.

-When the Barkeeper Says You’ve Had Enough, You Have!