About Us

Dead Soldier is one of the greatest Cocktail Bars in Romania. Along with a great Prohibition inspired atmosphere, we are proud to present you a famous concept known as Speakeasy Bar.


Dead Soldier’s story starts when Daniel Savan, the owner of the bar, decided to leave Romania in search for more knowledge and experience behind the bar. And he headed all the way to Ireland, DUBLIN, where he got hired at Blind Pig Speakeasy Bar.

This place was well hidden to the thirsty and curious eyes of Dublin’s drinkers, and as well a great treasure to find when looking for a good, well-made cocktail.

Known as inspired from Prohibition Era, this location was going to become one of the most appreciated Cocktail bars in Dublin. Therefore Daniel Savan was quickly and irreversibly getting in love with the charm and the magic of this place.

Daniel is one of the most passionate bartenders of our city, and when he came back to Iasi, after 7 years of working in Ireland, he decided to open his own Speakeasy Bar, the concept he resonated with the most.

Daniel Savan

-The Man With  a Plan-

I love good drinks. I enjoy shaking, stirring and bringing back to life old classic cocktails.

When I started bartending, this job was not appreciated at the level that it is now. And as any other beginner, my first contact with the glasses was to… wash them.

In time, I learned to fill them up, and to appreciate their fine design and cut. For 12 long years I’ve been practicing this job throughout clubs and bars from Romania, and, why not, enjoyed life as much as possible.

Then the time came to move in to Ireland, in Dublin City, where I can honestly say, I truly worked. But I’ve also learned a lot from those better than me and enjoyed many opportunities to collaborate with big names of this industry.

Among others, I won my first important competition: –Sin Metu Battle by Jameson, followed by a few other secondary places.

In 2018 I achieved one of my biggest accomplishments: I won the title for The Best Senior Bartender in National Cocktail Championship. Also, together with my team, we won 4 years in a row the title for The Best Bar in Ireland: The Sidecar Bar.

And, as you can see, the show does go on.

I’m proud to invite you now to enjoy my cocktails in the Dead Soldier Speakeasy!