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negroni week


🔒 The secret’s out! Dead Soldier Speakeasy is back in Business, and we’re celebrating Negroni Week🥃 in true Prohibition style
On the Rute of Milano- Torino, CAMPARI will join us every single step of the journey! 🚆

First Stop: 🥃Alex Scafariu Guest Shift // 21 Sept 17:00
Second Stop: 🎧Dj Raul // 22 Sept 20.00
Third Stop: 🎧Dj Andrei Stoica // 23 Sept 20:00
Last Stop: 🎹Aurelian & 🎙Lyz – Italian Live Performance🇮🇹
// 24 Sept 17.00

Let’s Raise the Glasses together for a week of clandestine revelry and classic cocktails!🥂

Book your seat and enjoy the ride!🤫 0723 161 212
*Limited Seats
*Password Required


  • Dead Soldier is located in the very heart of Iasi City, Romania.
  • As soon as you book a table with us, we will send you a text location and the password.
  • Always remember the password!
  • For more information about what we do, click Here.
  • Book your table by calling/texting us at 0040723161212
  • Just please, remember! It’s Prohibition!