Upcoming Events

1 & 2 JUNE
Candy, Booze & Cocktails❤️
Thursday & Friday it’s about feeling the taste of childhood, the bon-bon 🍭flavours in our cocktails but mostly, about smiling back to life🤩
‘Cause it’s never too late to find the JOY, to keep the smile and to raise glasses for whatever makes us happy!🥂
Step into a world where sensuality meets style, as we embark on a mesmerising journey that catches the essence of the 70’s High Fashion Disco Nightlife.🪩
Let us find ourselves in the reflection of an era when the bodies sway in a hypnotic rhythm and brings fantasies back to life.🥂
Special Guest: Dj Raul🎧

🎩Limited seats
🤩Free entrance
📲RSVP: 0723 161 212

A little party never killed nobody, right?🥂
See you at the bar!📍
Doors open 8PM
RSVP: 0723 161 212
Also, you should check out our new location @shotupbariasi 🥃🥃
New concept by Dead Soldier🔥


  • Dead Soldier is located in the very heart of Iasi City, Romania.
  • As soon as you book a table with us, we will send you a text location and the password.
  • Always remember the password!
  • For more information about what we do, click Here.
  • Book your table by calling/texting us at 0040723161212
  • Just please, remember! It’s Prohibition!